Me Mere Mortal . . . The secret behind successful reinventing

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Everything comes to an end – fairy tales, good times, bad times and even our lives. We may be mentally ready to accept that all things comes to an end but hesitate when it comes to our lives. Accepting death or being mortals is something which many of us secretly don’t believe will happen, or a subject we best avoid to discuss and even if we discuss it is one of the most uncomfortable ones.

So the question that arises is- whether accepting the fact that we are mortals helps us in any way? The debate is still on. People who believe this are like the Sufi saints in Kashmir who sleep in coffins in the night as they believe that this could be their last night in this world, and they often cherish the sunrise of the next morning more than others and respect the next day as a gift. Psychologists have shared that people who have had near death experiences are very good at prioritizing their lives post such experiences.

So how does having a mindset of ‘me mere mortal’ help us in our corporate lives? Well, it does in many ways and some of the obvious ones are:

It helps accepting failures faster

A ‘me mere mortal’ mindset always makes us realize that we have a very short time and the clock is ticking and hence don’t want to waste time in unnecessary debates, false pretenses – in short, we accept the current status ‘as is’ from time to time and move on to the next stage.

It brings sense of urgency & focus

A ‘me mere mortal’ mindset builds a sense of urgency towards all our activities and thereby helps get away from the mindset of procrastination. A mindset of accountability and ownership builds around the issues which are dear to us and the self-drive ensures that things happen and are not just there on paper.

It helps appreciate the finer things in others

With a ‘me mere mortal’ mindset we are more liberal towards work of others and start cherishing the finer things around us; as we believe we don’t have too much time to be self-indulgent and be pre- occupied with petty things in our life.

It promotes the idea of celebrating every success

A ‘me mere mortal’ mindset builds a healthy attitude of celebrating every success whether small or big, thereby spreading happiness and our surroundings. It ensures that we move away from time line based celebrations or wait for big occasions and ensures we are proud of every brick we lay on our path of success.

It makes you agile and evolved
A ‘me mere mortal’ mindset keeps us agile as our survival instincts are at the highest levels. We keep evolving with what is happening around us and aren’t stuck with a pre-determined thought process on what or how things should be.

It keeps us grounded

A ‘me mere mortal’ mindset keeps us grounded most of the times as we realize that we and our successes / achievements too shall pass & someone else will replace us. It is a reminder that we too are ‘dispensable’.

In short having a mindset of ‘me mere mortal’ helps us to reinvent ourselves by adopting to what is around us, without much pain & resistance. This is an ever evolving process which also ensures that we are relevant in the times we are and are able to cherish everything to the most.

(In the next blog we will discuss how do we build this mindset of me mere mortal)

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